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Your Roadmap to Perimenopause Wellness

by | Sep 6, 2023 | EVEolution™ Lite, Menopause, Women's Health

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As part of 2023 Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week, I teamed with Nic from Adapt Drinks to host a free event to promote awareness, understanding and practical pathways to smooth the transition between peri-menopause and post menopause.

This recording below is from this event.

Please note that the introductions of both speakers was not recorded and they are as follows:

Nicole Avery:

Nicole Avery is a Melbourne based active mum to five kids. Nic has worked online with women for over 15 years on her website Planning With Kids and intimately understands the stressors on modern women and the impact this has on their well-being. This inspired her to create Adapt Drinks Relax, a drink designed specifically with women in mind and to help them relax and unwind at the end of the day.

She is a keen recreational runner with the marathon being her preferred distance and is an early to bed early to rise human. Nic loves books, podcasts, making things from scratch in the kitchen and sunshine. She wishes Melbourne had a bit more of it but still loves this city anyway!

Mish Wright:

Mish is a fierce advocate for women’s health education. She’s on a mission to empower women across the globe, helping them exercise with confidence regardless of their age or life stage.

Drawing from her background in teaching and fitness, Mish is the brain behind mishfit®, a renowned personal training business that has earned its fair share of accolades. Her true expertise lies in pedagogy, the science of learning, which she skillfully employs to craft educational experiences that are both captivating and impactful.

Mish’s frustration with the lack of resources, research, and overall understanding concerning women’s training during various life phases (from pre-pregnancy to older age) is palpable. Through her groundbreaking program, EVEolution™, she’s determined to bridge this gap.

Mish’s aim is clear: to empower women of all generations, helping them embrace their individual journeys through exercise and self-assurance. And you won’t find any overly optimistic endings here – just real talk and genuine empowerment.

*If you would like to speed up the recording – this is possible by clicking on the cog icon on the bottom right hand corner. Enjoy

Promotions associated with Nic + Mish – Valid for Women’s Health Week 2023

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