Public Speaking / MC

With over a decade of experience presenting both internationally and across Australia to both small and large audiences, I have mastered the craft of public speaking.

My superpower is the ability to distill key messages from research and deliver these as easily digestible chunks for my audience. Using the science of teaching (pedagogy), humour and the odd f-bomb the audience is always at ease and engaged.

Talk to me about your audience, time frame and objectives and I will create a presentation bespoke for you.

My Women Centric Topics Are:

These topics are able to be modified to be suitable for Fitness Professionals or women who enjoy exercising

Pelvic Floor Pro

You can have one. You can be one

The Fourth Trimester

Training postnatal women for more holistic outcomes

Feminism and Fitness

The bias in research that is rife in the fitness industry. How we stop training women like small men

Training Peri-menopausal Women

Peri-menopause lasts 7 – 10 years and needs specific training adaptations

My Business topics are:

Blog writing for small business

(This is delivered as a half day / full day workshop)

The Kaizen approach to developing business systems

The journey of the reluctant exerciser

If fitness were sweets – it would fly off the shelf. This presentation addresses the obstacles that stop clients accessing your services and sets up how you can create long term loyal customers


“We invited Mish to be our MC for the first fundraising event that we have held as a charity. Mish, being a huge womens health advocate seemed like the perfect fit for our event – ‘Strength in Motherhood’.

The art show event featured work from women that have experienced birth-related trauma. Despite the sensitive nature of the topic, Mish managed to inject some humor and joy to the event as well as handling our auction of art seamlessly.

Overall the event was a success and we are very grateful for Mish’s valuable contribution to the night.”

Amy Dawes | CoFounder/CEO Australasian Birth Trauma Association

“I saw Mish present recently about training women over 50 and what we need to take into account as trainers. Not only is Mish knowledgeable and insightful, she is also quite funny and entertaining, especially around taboo subjects! Really bringing a new awareness to us as trainers, Mish has a lot to offer the Personal Training Industry.”

Isabella Van Zuylen Tosti-Guerra |I Want Fitness, Wantirna VIC 

“My name is Jason from MoveWell Health and Fitness. I attended the Womens Health virtual summit of which Mish was one of the key presenters. The information and the way Mish presented it was priceless. I would highly recommend any trainer, male or female, should look up Mish and gain some further knowledge on all things women’s health. Let’s just say I’m more comfortable when it comes to having discussions with my female members about women’s specific needs.”

Jason Theobold | MoveWell Health & Fitness, Hughesdale VIC

“As a Fitness Professional in training I am looking at every opportunity to up-skill and learn from the best in the industry. I was recently very lucky to attend a seminar on what Fitness Professionals need to know about training women. This is where I heard Michelle speak specifically about training women over 50. This is now the second time I have attended a seminar with Michelle as a speaker.

I was blown away the first time and amazed at the amount of knowledge that she has, so I was very eager to hear her speak again. Second time round was even more mind blowing. It is obvious that Michelle has such an in- depth understanding of training women at all stages in their life. She has such an easy manner, is able to convey some tricky information easily. She presented some normally “taboo” topics with frankness, good humour and finesse. As a woman, I would have no hesitation in using Michelle’s services for myself. I look forward to attending more of her courses/seminars as she is certainly someone I want to learn from.

Maria Lupia

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