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With a degree in education and teaching, Mish has been creating education and writing curriculum for over 25 years.

In 2021, Mish was awarded Educator of the Year from AUSactive (formerly known as Fitness Australia).

The past decade has been solely devoted to creating fitness programs and writing women’s and senior health education specifically for the fitness industry.

Mish is an award winning education writer and provider for Fitness Australia, Central Queensland University , EAT fitness (NZ) , FITM (Malaysia), Fit Asia (Singapore), and Fitness Education Online.

Mish writes all the education under the mishfit® education brand.

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My name is Anjali Woodford and I have been working as a personal trainer for few years now. I always wanted to support women’s health but wasn’t sure where to start and I came across Mish’s pre and post natal course. It was affordable and knowledgeable so, I quickly signed myself in. After I accomplished the course, I can confidently run pre and post natal exercises, in a person or with social media.

I have strong feeling towards women’s health because I am from third world country (Nepal) and talking about women’s issues is very rare. Women live with the issues of incontinence and prolapse for life, without getting help. I always wanted to change that. But I couldn’t do much about it back there. But when I came to Australia – the same women’s issues are still here! But we have the resources to support each other. So, I choose mishfit to help others to spread the message.

I would recommend her course to everyone. This course gives the knowledge to support vulnerable members (mothers) of our society.

Angali Woodford  
GurungFit – Gold Coast


Before doing this course, I was dismissing the idea of working with pregnant women full stop. Doing this course has given me the tools and information needed to give these women the service they need if a doctor has given them the ok to continue exercising. It was a very thorough course but easy to follow and understand!

Lyn Gagliardi

Owner, Positive Strength Fitness, Kialla VIC 3631

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I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Mish Wright present on “Training Women 50+” as part of the Fitness Education Online Women’s Health Summit.

Mish’s presentation was informative, educational, and absolutely hilarious. Her understanding of women’s needs, as well as her immense business acumen meant that the content was not only easy to understand but something that will enhance my offering to female clients.

…And I will never look at Linseed muffins the same way again…

Loretta Olivotto
Founder / Head Thinker, Think Active, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane