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Mish’s End of Year Musings and focus for 2024

by | Dec 29, 2023 | EVEolution™, Women's Health

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I might be a bit sceptical about the hype of New Year’s resolutions, but that doesn’t stop me from taking a hard look at my business—sifting through what’s been fruitful and what’s just not cutting it. This reflection is crucial as my offerings, like many other small business owners, evolve with my personal growth and professional insights.

The Joy of Creating Content: Writing, Educating, Speaking

Professionally, I proudly wear three hats: writer, educator, and speaker. These roles not only fuel my passion but also keep the lights on. They revolve around my love for creating content, whether that be insightful blogs, engaging articles, or dynamic presentations, all of which form the cornerstone of my personal brand and service offerings.

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Joy vs. Revenue

The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster of highs and lows. Striking a balance between what adds to my plate and what sustains my livelihood is a constant tug-of-war. It’s about assessing each opportunity critically, questioning if it’s a money-maker or a joy-stealer, and making tough calls to avoid feeling swamped when life’s inevitable busy spells hit.

EVEolution™: Crafting a Signature Course

When the world was grappling with a pandemic a few years back, I channelled my energies into creating EVEolution™. This signature online course was born out of a need to preserve the rich insights I gained as a Personal Trainer, and it remains a testament to my dedication to empowering women. The process was a meticulous labour of love, transitioning from overwhelming to-do lists to a finished product I’m incredibly proud of.

A Health Journey: From Stress to Recovery

Talking about evolution, my health has also been on its transformative path. During the pandemic, I could not do the physical activity that regulated my week. I ate my feelings from the stress of continuous lockdowns, and my wine drinking spiralled into very unhealthy territory.

Contracting COVID – which turned into Long COVID (something that is still with me today) was a wake-up call. My initial symptoms of headaches were so bad I was convinced I had a brain tumour, as it felt like my brain was swollen and pressing against my skull. There was no relief. I saw a neurologist who confirmed that I did not have a brain tumour – we are still learning about COVID and inflammation. I was also experiencing fatigue and PEM (Post Exercise Malaise – when you get a flair-up of your symptoms 24 – 36 hours after exercise). This caused a further spiral of poor mental health – who was I when I could not even exercise?

My recovery was slow, painstakingly slow. I gave up drinking (and haven’t touched alcohol since contracting COVID), prioritising rest above all else. A health coach helped me overhaul my diet, and a psychologist introduced me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Now, my health has significantly improved, though occasionally, a sleepless night or a stressful day can be a subtle nudge of the symptoms that still lurk beneath.

Passion for Pedagogy: Teaching at Heart

My love for teaching has remained an unfaltering constant throughout my professional endeavours. Something about breaking down complex topics into digestible pieces excites me—it’s where I excel. This passion for pedagogy has been the driving force behind every course I’ve developed and every workshop I’ve led.

I love thinking about the learner and what they might need to apply a concept practically to their lives, or the lives of others, if they are a coach.

Content Aesthetics: Where Beauty Meets Learning

I’ve always believed that when content is pleasing to the eye, it becomes more memorable. This philosophy guides how I design my courses—they’re not just repositories of knowledge but also canvases for my creative expression. Making learning aesthetically appealing is my subtle nod to the often-overlooked artistry in education. This will continue to be a hallmark of my work.

Embracing Change: What Stays and What Goes in 2024

As the year unfolds, it’s time to prune the branches of my professional life to allow for new growth. The process involves candidly evaluating all my ventures, identifying what sparks joy and brings in the revenue, and what doesn’t. It’s a delicate juggle to ensure the flow of creativity and abundance in my life.

Strategic Cutbacks for Growth

Some things must go for me to focus on growth. The EVEolution™ brand has its own demands, especially on social media, and it’s time to let that go, along with reducing the level of support I need. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary for efficiency and to create space for new opportunities.

2024: A Year of Focused Endeavours

Looking ahead, my focus is crystal clear: I’ll delve deeper into Women’s Fitness Education and expand my presence in the world of podcasting and presenting. I aim to nurture a community of learners and professionals who are as passionate about women’s health as I am. It’s about growing together and Making A Difference. One of my fundamental values.

The Backbone of My Work: Consistent Content Creation

No matter where my career takes me, content creation remains the bedrock of my daily routine. It’s where my thoughts take shape, and my expertise finds its voice. Whether it’s my blog, LinkedIn articles, or the musings I share with my audience, the commitment to crafting meaningful content is unwavering.

Expanding on this foundation, I am extending my reach to collaborate with larger organisations, enhancing their online education or hybrid training programs. This direction is a natural progression from my extensive experience in course creation. I bring a critical eye for pedagogical effectiveness. I can offer guidance to future-proof educational content and streamline project management.

When working with fitness industry partners, I provide complimentary women’s health education, leveraging my expertise to enrich their offerings. Yet, my capabilities are not confined to familiar territories; I’m well-equipped to provide valuable insights across various industries, even where I am not the subject matter expert.

If you’re looking to elevate your educational strategies and want to discuss how I can contribute to your organisation, I invite you to reach out. Let’s have a 15-minute chat to explore how my background in content creation and educational consulting can benefit your projects and goals.

Menopause: A Time for Reflection and Action

I’m not just focusing on professional evolution; perimenopause and menopause have been huge personal themes, too. It’s a time when many women, including myself, reassess life’s priorities. It’s when we shed unnecessary baggage and take decisive steps toward what truly matters—health, happiness, and fulfilment.

The Strategy to Achieve Goals: Practical and Personal

In true Mish style, I share with you the lifestyle habits that will anchor my journey to achieving my goals. These are practical, personal, and tuned to my life’s rhythm, considering my kid-free, work-from-home setup. 

  • Always prioritise my sleep. No alarms unless absolutely necessary. Eat a lighter evening meal and walk as often as possible afterwards. Magnesium every night. No social media. Be in bed by 10.15 at the latest
  • Finish my morning shower with the tap turned to cold – until I get the rush
  • Focus work for the first half of the day – the time to concentrate and write / content create – unless urgent, it can wait till the afternoon
  • Exercise later in the day – just after lunch or mid-afternoon – block my bookable diary to ensure it doesn’t get squeezed out
  • Eat my food in this order – vegetables, protein and carbohydrates and chew mindfully
  • Organise meetings and podcast interviews in the afternoon 
  • If I have a rest in the afternoon – it must include breathing exercises (If I have to rest, my body is telling me I need to pay attention) – these can be Wim Hoff breathing (via the app) or 2 – 3 minutes of box breathing
  • Write a list of to-do’s for the next day and leave my office
  • Enjoy standing, moving, dancing and listening to my favourite podcasts while I prepare and cook dinner. This might include a quick trot to the shops – schedule make-up phone calls for the walk

They’re small but mighty changes, from prioritising sleep to scheduling focused work sessions and ensuring restorative breaks.

Closing Thoughts: The Essence of Achieving Goals

In the end, it’s the daily habits that lay the foundation for reaching our aspirations. It’s not just about grand resolutions but the small, consistent practices that bring us closer to where we want to be. So, here’s to embracing the lifestyle changes that propel us towards our goals, one small change at a time.

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