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Head of Education at Women’s Fitness Education: My Dream Job

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Interviews, Women's Health

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It is not every day you are head-hunted for your dream job. A job that fits your skills and embodies everything that you passionately believe in.

But that day has come.

I have been involved with Fitness Education Online pretty much since they started in 2013. I was their first educator to come on board. I had an online course – Pregnant + Postnatal Training – back then it was just 1 CEC point (That is the professional development speak for Fitness Professionals in Australia) and it was pretty simple. This was my first online course and working with Jono and Travis – we put this online and right from the start it has been one of the organisations’ best sellers.

Thousands of fitness professionals from around the world (think – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, the UK and Ireland) have taken this course. And it has been updated several times and now carries 4 CEC’s in Australia! I have expanded the range of courses to include Menstrual Cycle Essentials and Training Menopausal and Peri-menopausal women – which have also gone on to become best sellers.

The Catalyst for Change

However, it has always shitted me that women’s health education has to be an afterthought when it comes to people becoming fitness professionals. Fitness qualifications omit so much – yet as part of the practical part of this course students are expected to work on practice clients that are women and men, old and young – yet with barely any guidance on how to do so.

Like many things – industry is leading the way. Currently I am consulting to KX Pilates, who are including women’s health into the education of their trainers – because they have seen that omitting this, will mean that their education is future proofed. Sure lots of women attend Pilates, but the reality is that most Fitness Professionals are going to have more women than men take up their services – no matter what modality of training.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if Certificate III and IV in fitness included women’s health?

Introducing Women’s Fitness Education (WFE)

And that is exactly what Jono and Travis from Fitness Education online have created and asked me to be Head of Education. I’m excited to be building Women’s Fitness Education with their expertise in marketing, combined with my role as Head of Education, promises a dynamic approach to reshaping women’s fitness education. Creating WFE is not just a response; it’s a movement to reshape how we approach women’s health in fitness.

WFE was born out of a dire need to bridge this gap. It’s a holistic approach, ensuring that fitness professionals are well-equipped to handle issues women face, from pelvic floor concerns to menopause and beyond. It’s about accurate knowledge, real solutions, and a profound respect for women’s bodies.

Remember: the current qualifications in the fitness sphere barely scratch the surface of women’s unique health needs. Certificate III and IV in Fitness has been created based on the research of young, fit men.

Who Benefits from WFE?

Our mission with WFE is clear. We’re here for the fitness professionals who want to elevate their skills and knowledge, ensuring their female clients get the best care.

And we’re also here for those wanting a career switch into fitness, ensuring they start on a strong foundation.

As I reflect on my journey, it’s evident that Women’s Fitness Education (WFE) is more than just another educational platform. It offers a comprehensive Cert III + IV in Fitness alongside specialised courses delving deep into critical women’s health topics such as pregnancy, postnatal care, menstruation, and menopause.

But what truly sets WFE apart is our commitment to continued learning and growth. Our monthly webinars featuring leading experts ensure that our community remains updated, empowered, and ready to make a meaningful impact on women’s health and fitness.

Show your support

Together, we’re shaping the future, ensuring that every woman’s health journey is backed by knowledge, empathy, and unwavering support.

Together, we’re creating something transformative, and I want you all to be a part of it.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Facebook Page – I would love your like and comments!

LinkedIn Page – again – follow the page to keep updated, and

Check out the Women’s Fitness Education website here

As part of this role, I will be looking for other amazing educators to share their wisdom and get involved – if this is of interest to you – please get in touch:



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