Customising Fitness for Every Stage of Life

Prioritising Women’s Pelvic Health in Fitness

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As a former teacher turned fitness professional, I understand the importance of education and how people learn. Unfortunately, the education that fitness professionals receive is based on research conducted on young, fit men, leaving women to be trained like small men. I experienced this problem when I followed the traditional textbooks for fitness and ended up with pelvic floor injuries. I was shocked to find that the word “prolapse” was not even mentioned in my training, even though it’s a serious issue that can be caused by inappropriate exercise prescription.

I was so angry that I committed myself to learn everything I could about how to help women navigate exercise safely and effectively without compromising their pelvic health. As a result, I’ve taught thousands of women and fitness professionals about pelvic health, how to train with the menstrual cycle, and how perimenopause affects exercise prescription. This course is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience.

With EVEolution™, you’ll learn everything you need to know to exercise at the intensity you want while working with your body, not against it. And the best part is, it’s not rocket science! With this knowledge, you can exercise confidently and without fear of injury.

Customising Fitness for Every Stage of Life

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Pregnancy and Postnatal


All EVEolution™ Lite courses share these modules – Strong Foundations, All About Your Bits and Matching with Movement. You choose the option of Periods, Pregnancy + Postnatal or Menopause.
Which one suits you best, right now, in your life?


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How will EVEolution™ LITE help me?

Life changing advice and guidance
You will learn strategies to harness your body’s potential and implement small, sustainable changes into your life. You will discover how to work with the natural processes of your body, whether it’s reproductive, menstrual or hormonal.
Judgement free zone
I made this course to help every woman, regardless of their current fitness level. This course is designed for women who move regularly or aren’t currently excercising. EVEolution™ is also suitable for people who are assigned female at birth or who now identify as female.
Be guided by an expert teacher with expert knowledge
I have been teaching learners from all walks of life, for my entire life. I understand how people learn, and I love to see the aha moments women have when learning hits home.The content of EVEolution™ is the result of many years of this teaching, researching and learning about these topics.
Minimise the risk of injury
There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a routine of exercising regularly and being stopped in your tracks by injury. It is so hard to exercise if you’re worried about leakage, or can feel your prolapse. I will show you how to interpret exercise instruction so you can apply it to your unique set of circumsances.
Tips and tricks
Throughout the course, I provide tips and tricks on relevant topics, including:

  • The questions you need to ask when attending pelvic health physio after giving birth.
  • How to easily record the phases of your menstrual cycle and what to do with the information.
  • How to navigate the workplace when going through menopause.
  • Advice on how to get better quality sleep and work with your circadian rythyms.
  • Why women gain weight during menopause and how to avoid it.
  • What to do when a fitness instructor says to you “Suck your belly into your spine”.
Address sensitive and unspoken topics
I have interviewed amazing women who are specialists on the topics of stillbirth, miscarriage, birth adversity and birth trauma. Even if you haven’t been directly affected by these experiences, you will likely know somebody who has. EVEolution™ will provide you with the language that will enable you to comminicate with empathy and sensitivity.
Self-paced video content
Video content delivered at your own pace, with lifetime access and the ability to download notes.  Login via our membership portal for access to EVEolution™. All you need to access the content is a laptop or mobile device. Feel free to take me for a walk!
These courses are designed for all women.
You choose the EVEolution™ Lite course that best reflects where you are in your life cycle.

What is inside each EVEolution™ Lite course?


If you’re aren’t matching your exercise with your menstrual cycle, then you are losing out my friend. But don’t stop there. You can use this knowledge to optimise your creativity, improve your relationships and so much more.


Exercising while pregnant or post natal can be confronting or scary for some women, and I break down how to approach it with care and consideration. This includes exercise advice for each trimester and how to assess abdominal separation.


Learn how to reframe the narrative around menopause to be a positive and empowering experience. I provide advice on exercise and navigating weight gain for women who are peri-menopausal to post menopausal, and also interview HRT specialist Dr Fatima Khan.

Course graduates show their love

As a Women’s Health and Wellness coach, being on top of my game is key. As they say, I need to be able to “walk the walk”. So when things “down there” started to go wrong, imagine my despair! How could this be happening to me; a little LBL, keyhole incontinence, painful sex and pressure on “lifting heavy S#*t”.

Enter EVEolution™, a revolutionary course designed to educate and empower women in all stages of life. For me the information relating to pelvic floor weakness post menopause was enlightening and quite frankly a relief to know that it was entirely normal and even more of a relief to learn that there is much I can do about helping the situation.

Working my way through this course at my own pace I am learning so much that I can both use to enhance my own health & wellbeing, but also use to help my clients achieve a happy, active life throughout all stages of womanhood.

Lee Scotland

Owner - BestBodies Training, Sparkle Fitness NZ

This course has helped me to understand all the stages of women’s biological stages of life. I have become so much more aware of how we physically change over time, how having a baby affects the unseen parts of our body, and how our hormones play an essential part in shaping us as we move through the various stages of life.

This course can be done in the comfort of your home, and instead of binge-watching on Netflix, you can binge-watch to understand where you’ve been as a woman, where you are right now as a woman, and where you are heading to.

This course has empowered me to speak to other women honestly and authentically and fuels my passion for open and positive conversations around women’s health and wellness.

Debbie Pucinischi

Mums Body + Mindset Coach - Time Coaching, Fifty Fitness

The EVEolution course is revolutionary I didn’t just want to know about menopause I wanted to learn more about myself as a woman, things I was never told or could easily find in one spot. I’m in my 50s, I have a teen daughter and my girlfriends are curious and keen to know what to expect as we age. Also as a PT, I want to be at the forefront of women’s health, I can’t be everything but I can learn and add knowledge and wisdom, which is what EVEolution has done for me.

Each module…from learning about our pelvic floor, posture, breathing, leakage, prolapse, periods, movement/exercise its importance and when is best to do some things over others during our cycle, pregnancy, postnatal AND of course, Marvellous Menopause has given me new knowledge. I’ve now got a much greater understanding and a tool to refer back to any time as it’s easy to follow, not arduous in time as you can do at your own pace and importantly, reflect on my story and what is important to me. And I am a far better PT for having done it and all my female clients are benefitting. I highly recommend it whether you are a PT or a woman who wants to understand how our bodies change along with our hormones over time – loved it!

Linda Terlikar-Legras

Owner, PT, Health &Wellness Coach and A Mum!, ALTA Fitness


I am years away from menopause and/or not really interested in pregnancy or postnatal, is this course still worth doing?

Absolutely! The majority of the information given is based on a female body – no matter what age or stage they are at. The modules that are dedicated to topics such as menopause, periods or pregnancy / postnatal contains information that all women should know. It sorts fact from fiction and will enable you to share valid information to other women who may be experiencing these things.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have life-time access to the EVEolution™ program

How long will the course take me to complete?

The course takes approximately 10 hours. And although you can access all the content at once – EVEolution™ has been carefully designed in a linear fashion… with each lesson building on the last and each module building on the last. We recommend starting at the beginning and work your way though. Go back when needed.

I have bought plenty of online courses that I never finish - what makes this one different?

Few online courses have been created understanding the unique attributes that keep an online learner engaged.

EVEolution™ has been created by Educator of theYear – Mish Wright – who has written, designed and created many, many courses (both online and offline) before this one. The video’s are short and each have beautifully designed accompanying notes. There is also a section titles Learning Tips – this will help you make the most of your online learning.

Of course, having a face to face interaction will further enhance your learning – which is why we have a Partner program for Fitness Professionals and other professionals who work with women. You can find them via our online EVEolution™ Directory.

Can I cancel at any time?

You don’t need to!

The one off price for EVEolution™ give you life-time access.

Furthermore, as we add more education and modules (in the future) and re-launch – you will always have access to everthing. Promise.

If I have other questions, how can I get answers?

We recommend that you connect with an EVEolution™ trainer / coach who can personally support you. If you have any technical issues, please email

If you have any other kind of questions, please email

Still not sure if this is right for you?

About Mish

As a pioneer in women’s health and fitness, I’ve been leading the charge to promote the importance of collaboration between allied health and fitness professionals to create more effective health models for women.

In addition, my background in education and experience as a fitness professional and personal trainer led me to become an award-winning education leader in the fitness industry.

My courses educating fitness professionals are currently being sold in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, the USA and the UK. Thousands of fitness professionals are using my work to fill the gaps in their industry standard qualifications – based on training fit young men.

I founded the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit from 2014 to 2019. This annual event brought together fitness and allied health professionals to deepen our understanding and respect for each group’s unique roles in women’s health.

Now, EVEolution™ is the next step in my journey to create holistic health changes for women. It is the program I needed my clients to complete to understand how to drive their bodies when exercising and avoid injury. This is the education that every woman needs to navigate exercise – no matter what age or stage they are at.

Join me in the revolution for women’s wellness and discover how to exercise to support your body rather than compromise it.

Mish Wright EVEolution

Mish Wright

Writer – Educator – Speaker

Founder of Award Winning Businesses

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