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Do you have an online product for your clients?

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Business, EVEolution™, Fitness Business Lessons

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If COVID has taught us anything, it is the importance of being able to diversify if your core business is working face to face with your clients.

For many, the obvious step was to move to Zoom – you are still able to train clients and for many, still able to pay the bills while we wait for our country and communities to open up.

However, after two-plus years into a pandemic, COVID continues to throw us curve balls. I believe one of the joys of being a fitness professional is the personal interaction you have with your clients. Often it feels like you are being paid to hang out with people who you genuinely care about and you get to do the thing that brings you joy – movement!

How cool is that?

However, delivering your sessions via Zoom is a strain – both for you and your clients. And although we are not locked down, thanks to Omicron, many of our clients are cautious about attending public places like gyms. Or are in isolation or worse still infected!

So what else can you do to provide an income stream that is not dependent on you delivering face to face, but equally supports your clients in their health and well-being goals?

A simple answer to that is to create an online course.

And a finished online course product can seem a simple thing. However, in reality, creating an online course represents a lot of unpaid work.  Unpaid because you don’t get paid until you finish the content, upload it onto a Learning Management System, organise the landing pages and check out steps, and then maybe, just maybe… someone will buy it.

Perhaps many of these steps you need to outsource because you don’t have the technical know-how. So now it is not only unpaid work, but it costs you money to pay another person to do the work that you don’t know how to do.

This is probably the reason why every business consultant will tell you having an evergreen online course (when anyone can buy it and work through the content at their own pace) is a cash cow.

But in reality, many online course creators start creating, then realising the enormity of the project and simply don’t finish it.

Or they cut corners. Put up content that they have created for other projects. In effect, trying to squeeze round pegs into square holes just leaves the learner confused. Not only does the learner not complete the course, but having being burnt – never buy from you again.

I know firsthand just how difficult it is to create an effective and professional online course.

Over the last few years, I have created a number of online courses, for a number of organisations. And have sold them thousands of times over.

Up until now all of my courses have been for Fitness Professionals – educating them around topics of women’s health and working with older adults.

For the last 18 months, I have been creating an online course to help women, called EVEolution™

But here is the thing… I have created it for fitness professionals to add a revenue stream to their business – in a 50 / 50 agreement.

I love creating and writing education. As a teacher with a passion for pedagogy, creating the flow for the learner completely lights me up. And this is pretty much my full-time job.

I no longer physically train women or clients. But that does not stop women from contacting me to ask questions about their personal training needs in relationship to either their pelvic floor or the twists and turns of menopause (my 2 favourite subjects!).

Sure I can give them general advice… but what they really need is:

  1. Have access to information that builds the background of understanding. This is far too big to be effectively communicated via a phone call or over email, and
  2. Have a trainer who can work with them, who understands them and their needs.

Partnering with a fitness professional is such an obvious solution to bring two sets of skills together – me with the ability to create and deliver a professional digital product for female clients and the fitness professional to work with and be the hero coach.

If I am partnering with someone and want to divide the work 50%… then surely the profit will also be 50%.

You bet!

EVEolution™ – the Revolution in Women’s wellness is priced at $447 and any woman can purchase it directly from my website.

All through the course, I promote the ways in which having an EVEolution™ coach or trainer can help them step through the information and work with them and their individual needs.

I have even created a directory that women who are working through EVEolution™ can find you as a like-minded trainer.

However, if they buy the course through you – then you receive 50% of the cost price. The cost price of the course is $400 – with $47 going to administration costs.

By becoming an EVEolution™ Coach / Trainer – or an on-seller of the course – you will receive $200 for every course sold.

Interested to learn more? 

If you’re a fitness professional or any other service provider for women and want to become an EVEolution™ partner CLICK HERE.

If you’re interested in learning more about EVEolution™ CLICK HERE.

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If you enjoyed this blog…. you might also enjoy these ones.

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