Training to Fatigue (Masterclass)

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This Masterclass is designed for individuals who are experiencing:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Long Covid
  • Fatigue from menopause
  • Post-Exercise Malaise (PEM)

This Masterclass is specifically tailored to meet the needs of those facing these challenges, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively manage their energy levels, improve their overall well-being and remain active by personalising their approach to exercise.

This power-packed Masterclass is invaluable for anyone seeking to overcome chronic fatigue and reclaim a vibrant life. With over an hour of content filled with actionable insights, practical tips, and transformative strategies, Training to Fatigue is your roadmap to renewed energy, vitality, and resilience.

Disclaimer: The Training to Fatigue Masterclass is intended to provide educational content and strategies for managing fatigue-related conditions. It does not substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Duration:1 hour

Fee:  $25.00

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Understanding Fatigue: Distinguishing between Fatigue and Tiredness
    • Uncover the fundamental differences between fatigue and ordinary tiredness.
    • Learn when fatigue (or any health issue) crosses into the chronic stage
  1. The Power of Data: Pacing and the Crash Cycle
    • Discover the significance of data collection in managing your energy levels effectively.
    • Learn the art of pacing and how it can help you navigate the crash cycle.
    • Explore practical techniques for collecting and analysing data to make informed decisions about your energy expenditure.
  1. Exercise Solutions: Staying Strong and Active
    • Overcome the fear of physical exertion and embrace exercise as a tool for rejuvenation.
    • Explore various activities that promote strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.
  1. Breathe Work and Heart Rate Management
    • Harness the power of breath and heart rate control in managing fatigue.
    • Discover specific techniques to adapt box breathing and exercise routines to manage your energy.
  1. Weight Management Strategies: Nurturing Your Body and Mind
    • Address the impact of inactivity, depression, and anxiety on weight management.
    • Explore three effective weight management strategies designed to support your overall well-being.


  1. Differentiate between fatigue and tiredness, and identify chronic fatigue for improved energy management.
  2. Master data collection and pacing techniques to optimise energy levels and prevent crashes.
  3. Learn practical breathwork and heart rate management strategies for balancing energy during the crash cycle.
  4. Implement strategies for weight management, addressing the impact of inactivity and supporting overall well-being.

Fee:  $50.00

Duration:  1 hour

Intakes:  Enrolments are taken throughout the year on a continuous basis.

Study Mode:  Online

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Feedback from Course Participants

Mish – as ever, you were passionate and spoke from your heart. 

I liked the format of the training – it flowed and made sense to me. There were plenty of examples to make the points you were trying to get across. 

Thanks – Loved it.

William Marriott

Gym Instructor

Once again, Mish has allowed me to add more strings to my PT bow! The thing I love most about Mish’s training, is that she delivers the things that this industry usually stays away from.  As a 61 year old male in this game, it is fantastic to NOT hear the sugar-coated-bullshit that is of no benefit to my clients and me helping them with their mental and physical wellbeing. This presentation delivered actionable strategies that I would easily use.

Good on you Mish from me and my clients.

Gavan Wray-Mccann

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