Square Pegs + Round Holes – the Do’s and Don’ts of Training Women

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Women are routinely trained like small men and although there are times when that works for women… there are many times when the assumptions around training do not fit them – hence they fit like square pegs into round holes!

 This 2-hour training is an enjoyable jaunt filled with actionable strategies to include to effectively train your female clients, regardless of their age or stage of life.

Be sure to download and refer to the accompanying notes!

Fee:  $25 AUD

Duration:  2 hours

  • Understand key anatomical and hormonal differences
  • How to engage empathetically
  • Chronic conditions specific to women and training adaptations
  • Practical applications for Fitness Professionals to effectively train women
  • Work within your Scope of Practice


Assessment: none!

Fee:  $25 AUD

Duration:  2 hours

Study Mode:  Online via the MishWright.com Learning Management System


Feedback from Course Participants

My name is Adam van Apeldoorn and I completed the mishfit@education Pregnant and Post-Natal Training for Personal Trainers Program. This course was excellent in teaching me about key issues to do with training pre and post natal clients both safely and effectively and has allowed me to expand my range of services as a personal trainer. I learnt a lot about the anatomy of the pelvic floor and exercises that I should give (and should not give) to clients both pre and post natal, as well as additional knowledge about when to refer clients to medical professionals or to allied health professionals. This knowledge has allowed me to earn a basic competency in training this demographic and help women to look after their bodies before and after childbirth. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in training pre and post natal clients professionally as a personal trainer. The course covers you for insurance purposes and will instill additional confidence in working with this demographic.

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