Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise considerations (NZ)
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This course is a version Pregnancy & Postnatal Training for PT’s however, it has been updated specifically for New Zealand Fit Pro’s. This course includes all links to organisations based in New Zealand.

If you are training pregnant women, it is essential that you have the qualifications to do so, for your insurance needs. This course provides this.

If you are training women who are postnatal (no matter how postnatal), it is essential you understand how to work the unique set of risks when you are creating your programs. This course shows you how.

Investment: $99 NZ


EAT Fitness High Fives (4)

  • Explore considerations and implications for each trimester of pregnancy
  • Explore considerations and implications for 4th trimester (postnatal period)
  • How to work with DRAM
  • Pelvic floor information and how to cue naturally as part of your program
  • Provide options for exercises (and why!)
  • How to work with appropriate allied health professionals
  • Learn the mishfit 3 Step Method for successful exercise instruction

This course is deliver via the EAT Fitness learning platform.

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Feedback from Course Participants

“Thank you for this course, I will make sure I build the information I have learned into my sessions.

The certification should, in my opinion, be part of every PT’s tool box.”

-Peter Davies

“I gained insights into how to train my pregnant and post natal clients in a variety of settings including in aqua classes. My clients were grateful for my understanding of their third trimester restrictions and are looking forward to their final weeks of pregnancy in a safe exercise environment. The course Mish provided is concise and is assessed in a comprehensive yet short time frame.”

-Judy Pilch

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