Periodisation for Periods: Master Class

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This one-hour master class covers what you need to know about the menstrual cycle and how you can effectively train to work with your hormones, rather than against them.

We also cover period dysfunction, the pros and cons of tracking your cycle and my 7 best tips to create an empathetic environment for menstruating women!

This Masterclass has been delivered to Fitness Professionals, however, for anyone who is looking to maximise their training results and who is menstruating… this is a must!

Fee:  $25 AUD

Duration:  1 hour

  • Menstrual cycle 101 and key hormones
  • Period Tracking
  • Period dysfunction
  • Training with the menstrual cycle
  • 7 best tips to create a period friendly environment


Assessment: NONE!

Fee: $25 AUD

Duration:  2 hours

Study Mode:  Online via the Learning Management System


Feedback from Course Participants

I find Mish’s passion for women’s health, inclusiveness and destigmatizing women’s health issues and experiences an incredibly powerful and inspiring thing. I am a male Personal Trainer and I believe that more us need to engage in conversation around these issues much more freely. Mish’s passion inspires me to encourage this conversation and to keep learning more, so I can keep empowering my amazing clients. C’mon guys! We all probably have clients and even loved ones who would have such a weight lifted if they knew we were a truly an ally. Its not icky, its all part of being human and being a women. Lets follow the lead of individuals such as Mish!
-Mark Whelan

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