Pelvic Floor Pro – for Fitness Professionals
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This Masterclass will dive deep into pelvic floor, including looking at all the things that can go wrong with the pelvic floor.

And let’s be clear! There are a lot of things that can go wrong with pelvic floor – from different types of incontinence to prolapse to vulvadynia. These issues will be illustrated with real life experiences. And yes… there will be times when your face will go WTF?!?!

And that is ok. Because if you want to hold space for your client to share what is truly going on for them… you will get all those weird facial twitches out while joining me in this masterclass.

But wait! There’s more!

I will also be including 10 actionable strategies for you to implement right away.

Because learning my friend, is not enough. We need to be doing. And this enjoyable presentation will show you exactly how you can be a pelvic floor pro!

Fee:  $25.00

Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Everything that can possibly go wrong with the pelvic floor
  • How to teach a pelvic floor contraction in isolation (and why that is important)
  • What is the true core… or more importantly… how you can teach it to your clients, so that they get it
  • How to include pelvic floor with movement


Fee:  $25.00

Duration:  1.5 hours

Intakes:  Enrolments are taken throughout the year on a continuous basis.

Study Mode:  Online

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Feedback from Course Participants
This was a excellently presented seminar, as it refreshed knowledge on pelvic floor health and how to identify issues as a fitness professional. Importantly Mish gave me confidence with applicable practical techniques on how to coach clients to improve their pelvic floor health using a 3 step method. The 10 actionable strategies were great. This was well worth the professional and personal investment, I recommend all trainers do this.


-Di Lauder
Run coach
Occupational therapist

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