Mentoring with Mish – 2. Presenting

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Giving a good presentation is one of the most important skills you can have. It can help you get a job, land new clients, and even make you more money. That is because delivering your message with clarity, confidence, and professionalism elicits trust and respect for you and your products and services.

But most people are TERRIBLE at it. They don’t know how to organize their thoughts, speak clearly, or engage an audience. How many times have you been at a presentation, and you got out your phone and scrolled through social media? Or have you been presenting and noticed people in your audience doing just that?

Communicating your message with clarity, confidence, and professionalism is a game-changer. However, being an engaging presenter only does not happen by chance. It requires being open to learning and a commitment to practising your skill set.

Most people learn and practice in front of a live audience, which may diminish their chances of being asked to present again!

Few audience members give constructive criticism more than – that was great, or (behind your back) saying – that was terrible!

For over ten years, I have been regularly presenting at events. And that is on top of the many years teaching students of all ages. I have completed many trainings, had one-to-one mentoring and spent much money to become the presenter I am.

Perhaps you are reading this because you have seen me present – either online or face to face- and wonder how I do it.

This series of 3 mentoring sessions are designed to help you improve your presenting skills. And depending on where you are in your presenter journey:

From: I’d like to do it –

To: I have been doing it for a while but want dedicated feedback to lift my game.

I have a mentoring product to suit.

  1. Presenting

Whether it be face to face or online there are many simple hacks that you can learn to:

  • Have a professional set up (either on camera or face to face)
  • Minimise nerves
  • Look and sound confident

This session will take your designed presentation and look at how it can be delivered to engage with the audience and keep your audience engaged with you.

You will learn strategies to diminish your nerves and look confident, even when you don’t feel confident.

We will deep dive into onstage body language so the message your mouth and mind are presenting are congruent with what your body is saying.

I will show you how to repurpose content from the stage so all your effort and energy can be re-used or sold as evergreen content.

And finally, I will share with you the tips that make you’re an organisers dream – ensuring that you get asked back to present again!

Fee:  $379 or $995 if combined with 1. Crafting your presentation and 3.Polish

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

Send an email to to book your spot. (since the book now button is not working for now)

  • Understand the tools required to create a professional set up (the must have’s and the nice-to-have)
  • How to powerfully use your presentation
  • Learn body language and confidence tricks


Fee:  $149.00

Duration:  A discovery zoom to get clear to review your presentation and understand the context of your presentation. Clear tasks will be set. A second zoom to review. A third zoom to polish your presentation. Further time to work together on your presentation after this will be charged on a 30 min basis for $85. Times for zooms will be agreed on together with adequate time for work to be completed.  

Intakes:  Enrolments are taken throughout the year with a 30 day expiry from date of purchase.

Study Mode:  Online via zoom

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Feedback from Course Participants

“I have had the pleasure of attending several of Mish’s live webinars, live in person presentations along with the completion of her Pre/Post Natal online course. She has an excellent way of bringing light-hearted humour and engaging content every time.”

-Dayna Spiller
Qualified Personal Trainer

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