Masterclass Bundle

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What is better than 1 Masterclass?

3 of course!

This bundle give you:

  • Peri-menopause. Training women aged 37+ – everything you need to know to prep your clients for perimenopause
  • Square Pegs & Round Holes – the Do’s and Don’ts of Training women
  • Periodisation for periods – how to train and write effective training programs that are in sync with the menstrual cycle
This bundle saves you money!
FEE: $65.00 AUD
  • Menstrual cycle 101 and key hormones
  • Period Tracking
  • Period dysfunction
  • Training with the menstrual cycle
  • 7 best tips to create a period-friendly environment
  • Understand exactly what is peri-menopause
  • What the heck oestrogen and cortisol have to do with EVERYTHING!
  • Two key chronic conditions that effect peri-menopausal women and training adaptations
  • Practical applications for Fitness Professionals to effectively train women
  • Work within your Scope of Practice
  • Understand key anatomical and hormonal differences
  • How to engage empathetically
  • Chronic conditions specific to women and training adaptations


Assessment: NONE!

Fee: $65 AUD

Duration:  1-2 hours per masterclass

Study Mode:  Online via the Learning Management System


Feedback from Course Participants
“I’ve gained so much from doing these modules! I’m post-menopausal but have never had children, so this has enhanced my capability to train women. I recommend this course for all trainers who work with women – so much here is not covered in our standard training. It is also worthwhile for all women – no matter where they are in their ‘ages and stages, there is so much useful information to learn and share with their women friends. I feel more confident working with women who may be wrestling with pelvic issues, particularly those in the peri-menopause stage. So grateful!

-Judith Dennis

Personal Trainer/Group Trainer – Judith Dennis Fitness

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