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EVEolution™ is the signature course from Mish Wright.

This course is the only online training of its kind that teaches all the women’s health topics that are too difficult, time-consuming or awkward. In 6 modules I cover:

  1. Strong Foundations – this gives you all the basic tools to navigate exercise no matter what age or stage you are at
  2. All about your bits – this is a round up of everything that can go wrong with your pelvic floor. Why do you need to know this? Because education counts
  3. Matching with Movement – yes, we do need to know everything about pelvic floor – but where it counts is when we are walking and working out. This module has you covered
  4. Periods! Periods! Periods! – understanding how your cycle can influence your training, creativity and relationships is a game changer. Every person needs to know this stuff
  5. Pregnancy + Postnatal – everything you need to know about navigating exercise while pregnant and after baby. I wish that every fitness professional knew this stuff. But it is missing. And it is needed. Not pregnant or don’t plan to be – this is still relevant
  6. Marvellous Menopause – yes, we all know about hot flushes, but there is so much more to menopause. And this module reframes it in a way that can empower

If you are a woman, identify as a woman, or work or train women – then this course is ideal for you. Not only will you learn, but there is an action plan to help you put the stuff you have learnt into action.

Life-time access and a money back guarantee.

You are going to love it. Promise.

Fee:  $447.00

Duration:  Approximately 10 hours

Module 1

Learn all the basics, from what is the True Core, to posture, diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor exercises.

Module 2

The leaking, the prolapse, all manner of pelvic floor dysfunction – this is the stuff I’m well known for! I will also provide a cheat sheet that can be taken to a pelvic floor health physio.

Module 3

Find out how to add pelvic floor contractions to any level of exercise. I have perfected how to teach this topic in a comprehensive way by educating 1000s of women through my mishfit™ business.

Module 4

If you’re aren’t matching your exercise with your menstrual cycle, then you are losing out my friend. But don’t stop there. You can use this knowledge to optimise your creativity, improve your relationships and so much more.

Module 5

Exercising while pregnant or post natal can be confronting or scary for some women, and I break down how to approach it with care and consideration.

This includes exercise advice for each trimester and how to assess abdominal separation.

In this module, I interview Amy Dawes from ABTA who discusses birth trauma and Lauren Hewes from Tiny Ladder on exercise after miscarriage or stillbirth.

Module 6

Learn how to reframe the narrative around menopause to be a positive and empowering experience. I provide advice on exercise and navigating weight gain for women who are peri-menopausal to post menopausal, and also interview HRT specialist Dr Fatima Khan.


Each module includes a “We Are ChangeMakers Lesson”, which incudes practical strategies on how to implement the learning into every day life. This helps to ensure the training becomes embedded in reality and creates real and lasting change.

Feedback from Course Participants

Mish is definitely at the forefront of fitness education

I personally think a great course is not just about the content.

A course should also be relevant to the needs of the audience, matches the level of the audience and employs a versatile teaching approach to fit the learning style of all types of learners.

Most importantly how the speaker encourages learning through class activities, learning-friendly presentation templates and the speaker’s non-verbal cues to facilitate learning.

I am super confident to say that Mish meets my expectations.

-Jerrican Tan

Co-Founder | Managing Director | EduTrainer, FITM

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