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EVEolution™ is the signature course from Mish Wright.

This course is the only online training of its kind that teaches all the women’s health topics that are too difficult, time consuming or awkward. To see a full outline of EVEolution™ online course – click here 

Becoming an EVEolution™ Partner means that you get the opportunity to sell EVEolution™ as part of your offerings. This does 2 things:

  1. Your clients get the information that they need, delivered professionally in bite size portions, so that you can work together all understanding exactly how and why exercise prescription needs to change for them as they traverse through life
  2. Gives you an income stream that is not based on training time for money

There is a whole lot of bonuses you get becoming a partner like:

  • EVEolution™ Academy – this shows you the step by step process to effortlessly and seamlessly incorporate selling EVEolution™ in your current practice
  • All the assets you need, including badges, social media tiles and branding
  • A private facebook group where you can ask all the hairy q’s (we are a great supportive bunch!)
  • And more!

The best thing is that becoming an EVEolution™ partner is a once off investment – no monthly ongoing fees!

For every course you sell you make $200! In just 3 sales you make back your initial investment!

Fee:  $597.00

Duration:  Approximately 10 hours

Module 1

Learn all the basics, from what is the True Core, to posture, diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor exercises.

Module 2

The leaking, the prolapse, all manner of pelvic floor dysfunction – this is the stuff I’m well known for! I will also provide a cheat sheet that can be taken to a pelvic floor health physio.

Module 3

Find out how to add pelvic floor contractions to any level of exercise. I have perfected how to teach this topic in a comprehensive way by educating 1000s of women through my mishfit™ business.

Module 4

If you’re aren’t matching your exercise with your menstrual cycle, then you are losing out my friend. But don’t stop there. You can use this knowledge to optimise your creativity, improve your relationships and so much more.

Module 5

Exercising while pregnant or post natal can be confronting or scary for some women, and I break down how to approach it with care and consideration.

This includes exercise advice for each trimester and how to assess abdominal separation.

In this module, I interview Amy Dawes from ABTA who discusses birth trauma and Lauren Hewes from Tiny Ladder on exercise after miscarriage or stillbirth.

Module 6

Learn how to reframe the narrative around menopause to be a positive and empowering experience. I provide advice on exercise and navigating weight gain for women who are peri-menopausal to post menopausal, and also interview HRT specialist Dr Fatima Khan.


Each module includes a “We Are ChangeMakers Lesson”, which incudes practical strategies on how to implement the learning into every day life. This helps to ensure the training becomes embedded in reality and creates real and lasting change.

Feedback from Course Participants

The EVEolution course is revolutionary I didn’t just want to know about menopause I wanted to learn more about myself as a woman, things I was never told or could easily find in one spot. I’m in my 50s, I have a teen daughter and my girlfriends are curious and keen to know what to expect as we age.

Also as a PT, I want to be at the forefront of women’s health, I can’t be everything but I can learn and add knowledge and wisdom which is what EVEolution has done for me. Each module…from learning about our pelvic floor, posture, breathing, leakage, prolapse, periods, movement/exercise it’s the importance and when is best to do somethings over others during our cycle, pregnancy, postnatal AND of course Marvellous Menopause has given me new knowledge.

I’ve now got a much greater understanding and a tool to refer back to anytime as it’s easy to follow, not arduous in time as you can do at your own pace and importantly reflect on my story and what is important to me. And I am a far better PT for having done it and all my female clients are benefitting. I highly recommend it whether you are a PT or a woman who wants to understand how our bodies change along with our hormones over time.

-Linda Terlikar-Legras

Owner| PT | Health & Wellness Coach | A Mum, ALTA Fitness

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