EVEolution™ Lite – Pregnancy + Postnatal

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EVEolution™ Lite – Navigating Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise

EVEolution™ Lite is a specialised course designed for pregnant and postnatal women seeking to understand and safely navigate exercise during and after pregnancy. This course consists of four modules, each addressing different aspects of maintaining fitness and pelvic health during this transformative period.

Module 1: Strong Foundations

This module equips women of all ages and stages with the necessary tools to navigate exercise and well-being. Regardless of your pregnancy or postnatal status, you’ll learn foundational principles to support your fitness journey and overall health.

Module 2: All About Your Bits

Understanding the potential issues that can arise with your pelvic floor is crucial. This module provides a comprehensive overview of pelvic floor health, empowering you to protect and nurture it during pregnancy and postpartum. Education is key to ensuring optimal pelvic health.

Module 3: Matching with Movement

While knowledge of the pelvic floor is important, knowing how it integrates with walking and exercise is essential. This module covers the practical aspects of synchronising pelvic floor knowledge with movement, enabling safe and effective workouts during and after pregnancy.

Module 4: Pregnancy + Postnatal

This module delves into everything you need to know about safely navigating exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. It addresses the specific considerations and challenges faced by pregnant and postnatal women. Even if you’re not currently pregnant or planning to be, this module is relevant as it provides valuable insights for overall fitness and well-being.

With engaging materials, practical exercises, and expert guidance, EVEolution™ Lite empowers pregnant and postnatal women to understand and safely engage in exercise during this transformative period. Gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and advocate for your own well-being. 

Join us on this journey to maintain and enhance your fitness, pelvic health, and overall wellness during and after pregnancy.

  • Provide pregnant and postnatal women with essential tools to safely navigate exercise and maintain overall well-being, regardless of age or stage.
  • Educate participants about potential issues related to pelvic floor health during and after pregnancy, enabling them to take proactive measures for optimal pelvic health.
  • Teach participants how to integrate their knowledge of the pelvic floor with walking and exercise routines, ensuring safe and effective workouts.
  • Equip participants with comprehensive knowledge about exercising during pregnancy and postpartum, addressing specific considerations and challenges faced during these periods. This knowledge is relevant and beneficial to women beyond the pregnancy and postnatal stages.

Exercising while pregnant or postnatal can be confronting or scary for some women, and I break down how to approach it with care and consideration. This includes exercise advice for each trimester and how to assess abdominal separation.

Feedback from Course Participants

I was in denial about my bladder problems because I’ve never been pregnant/given birth and felt ashamed that I was experiencing occasional leaking and constantly needing to wee. Module 2 taught me that there are multiple causes of pelvic floor issues and that I needed professional help. The material contains a great resource about what to expect and consider when consulting a pelvic health physio. This is information that all women need to know.

Dr Kate Rowen

Personal Trainer – FiftyFitness

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