EVEolution™ Lite – Menopause

Your Ultimate Course for Upskilling to Support Menopausal Clients

Empower Your Clients Through Menopause

EVEolution™ Lite is a transformative course designed for personal trainers working with women navigating menopause. This course includes four modules, each focusing on key aspects to help you support your clients effectively.

Module 1: Strong Foundations

Provide your clients with essential tools for exercise and overall well-being at any age or stage. Help them build a strong foundation for an active and fulfilling lifestyle during menopause.

Module 2: All About Your Bits

Understand the potential challenges and changes in pelvic floor health. This module offers a comprehensive overview, giving you the knowledge to support your clients’ pelvic well-being. Education is crucial for optimal health.

Module 3: Matching with Movement

Learn how to integrate pelvic floor knowledge with walking and exercise. This module provides practical insights for synchronizing pelvic floor health with movement, ensuring your clients have confident and effective workouts.

Module 4: Marvellous Menopause

Menopause is more than just hot flushes; it’s a transformative journey. This module helps you reframe menopause for your clients, encouraging them to embrace this phase with confidence and vitality. Explore the multidimensional aspects of menopause to guide your clients through this period of growth and empowerment.


Through engaging materials, practical exercises, and expert guidance, EVEolution™ Lite equips you to empower your clients during their menopause journey. Gain the knowledge and tools to help them make informed decisions, optimize their well-being, and reframe menopause as a time of growth.

Feedback from Course Participant

I’ve gained so much from doing these modules! I’m post-menopause myself, but have never had children, so this has really enhanced my capability in training women.

I do recommend this course for all trainers who work with women – so much here that is not covered in our standard training. It is also worthwhile for all women – no matter where they are in their ‘ages and stages’, there is so much useful information to learn and share with their women friends. I feel more confident in working with women who may be wrestling with pelvic issues, particularly those at the peri-menopause stage. So grateful!

Judith Dennis

Personal Trainer/Group Trainer – Judith Dennis Fitness

Why Register?

By enrolling in this course, you will not only broaden your skillset but also stand out as a trainer who specialises in menopausal fitness, a niche yet significant demographic. Empower your clients to thrive during menopause with a newfound confidence and expertise that can significantly enhance your practice.

EVEolution™ Lite – Menopause

Equip with Essential Tools

Learn to provide your menopausal clients with the essential tools they need for navigating exercise and overall well-being. This course will help you tailor fitness routines that respect the unique needs of women at different stages of menopause, ensuring they feel supported and motivated.

Understand Pelvic Health

Gain a deep understanding of the changes and challenges related to pelvic floor health during menopause. You’ll be equipped to empower your clients to maintain and enhance their pelvic well-being, crucial for their quality of life.

Integrate Knowledge into Practice

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your understanding of pelvic floor health into effective walking and exercise routines. This ensures that your workouts are not only safe but also boost confidence and effectiveness among your menopausal clients.

Reframe the Menopause Experience

Help your clients see menopause not just as a series of physical symptoms like hot flushes, but as a period of empowerment and growth. You’ll learn strategies to address the multidimensional aspects of menopause, fostering a positive and proactive approach to this phase of life.

Register today and become a key part of your clients’ journey through menopause, turning challenges into chances for growth and well-being.

EVEolution™ Lite – Menopause