5 Essential Steps to Online Course Creation

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Creating a bad online course is very easy. And it is easy to underestimate how much time and effort goes into creating a quality online course. Courses only make you money when finished!!

This masterclass will take you through the 5 essential steps to completing an engaging online course

Step 1: Choosing the right platform for you, your learners and your course(s)

Step 2: How to plan and organise your thoughts into a coherent course

Step 3: Being very clear on who your course avatar is. How to connect with them through a screen and guide them through a transformation

Step 4: All the writing, filming and editing hacks that save you time and money.

Step 5: You have completed your course – how do you get people to buy it?!?!

This masterclass will save you time and money – regardless of what your content or niche is.

BONUS: At the end of this course – you will have an option to make your money back on this investment!

Fee: $49 AUD

Duration: 1.5 hours

  • The value of an online course in your business – no matter what your niche
  • Learning Management Platform options and who to decide what one suits you best
  • How to effectively plan exactly what is going to go into your course
  • How to effectively work with other people (videographer, assistants and graphic designers)
  • What you need to know when partnering with other organisations with your work
  • What is most important to ensure professionalism (equipment, digital tools andthings that don’t cost a cent – but can make a whole lot of difference in productivity!)
  • How to publish and promote your course – how to start making money!


Assessment: None!

Fee:  $49 AUD

Now on sale for $25!

Duration:  1.5 hours

Study Mode:  Online via the MishWright.com Learning Management System


Feedback from Course Participants
Writing an online course is on the list of many exercise professionals but knowing where to start and what needs to get done can often prevent us from actually getting started. Mish provides step by step guidance and how-to whilst weaving in her personal experience so you can get unstuck and start creating an asset for your business that will keep earning for you long after you have created it.

-Jen Dugard

Founder of MumSafe™

I’ve had some ideas about online courses I could develop for an educational aspect of my business, but really have no idea where to start. Mish Wright’s masterclass – 5 Essential Steps to Online Course Creation – is exactly what it says, walking you through the whole process in detail. What I love most about the masterclass are Mish’s generous tips, hacks and wisdom from her vast experience in online course creation. I now feel confident to progress my own ideas for online courses and I highly recommend this engaging masterclass.


-Dr. Kate Rowen

Personal Trainer


This presentation of 5 Essential Steps to Online Course Creation has it all! Mish covers every thinkable detail to enable you to create a professionally finished, engaging and launched online course.

Great courses may seem simple to create – but the reality is that there is so much that you need to get right to achieve engaging courses. I love the way Mish delivers precise and clear tips and information with a transparent honesty of her own blunders and how she then solved them. Handing us all her wisdom in simple steps that make perfect sense – even if you have never written an online course before.

From sound and lighting tips – through to collating info as you go, (saving time, confusion and much more work later) – this is the GO TO best presentation to get your course up and running!!!

-Andrea Gaze

Live Presentation Attendee, APT Personal Training & Pilates


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