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I really care about women’s health.

And here’s why you should too…




I really care about women’s health.

And here’s why you should too…

The fitness industry, traditionally designed for male bodies, overlooks the unique needs of women – a gap I am passionately dedicated to bridging through targeted education and advocacy in women’s health.

Choose Your Adventure

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Become a Fitness Professional

Discover your path in fitness:
Tailored guidance for women exploring a career shift towards becoming skilled, knowledgeable fitness professionals.

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You are a Fitness Professional

Advance your career affordably:
Comprehensive education for fitness professionals, integrating women’s health and more, without breaking the bank.

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You have a team of Fitness Professionals

Enhance your team’s expertise:
Update and enrich your organisation’s fitness education with comprehensive, women’s health-inclusive training.

Mish Wright education learning

Ready to elevate your educational content?

Let’s discuss your needs.

With over 30 online courses under my belt, I know a thing or 2 about creating engaging and professional education.

If you are a Subject Matter Expert (and this does not need to be confined to fitness) and want to create an online course to leverage your expertise to create passive income, then I am your woman.

  • Review, update, and shape your educational offerings
  • Advise on the most suitable Learning Management System
  • From course ideation to the sales page - I have you covered
5 Essential Steps To Online Course Creation on laptop

Book a 15-minute, obligation-free consult to talk about your organisational needs.

New clients benefit from complimentary access to my Masterclass: ‘5 Steps to Creating Effective Online Courses.’

My Signature Online Course

EVEolution Course Mish Wright
EvEolution Logo

Every expert or organisation should have a signature online course and EVEolution™ is mine.

EVEolution™ includes everything that you need to know about exercising when you (or your client) is:

  • Menstruating
  • Pre / Postnatal
  • Peri Menopausal to Post Menopausal

If you are a coach, personal trainer, dietitian, or any other professional who works with women, EVEolution™ can be your signature course too!

EVEolution™ Lite breaks down EVEolution™ into 3 mini-courses:

  • Periods
  • Pregnancy + Postnatal
  • Menopause


Selina Bridge

Former CEO of Curves and now CEO of KX Pilates

Mish is an exceptional woman with an unswerving mission to improve the lives of women of all ages through education and empowerment. Mish developed a groundbreaking Women’s Health Education Series for the Curves network, which was tailored specifically to the Curves clientele.

Jono Petroholis

CEO Fitness Education Online

Mish is by far one of the top educators in the Fitness Industry—having won multiple awards! Her teaching style is engaging and informative, and her work always looks professional (which we know from the feedback we get from hundreds of five-star reviews).

What I really appreciate about Mish is that she’s a genuinely good person. She’s patient, listens well, and knows how to explain complex topics in a way that makes sense. It’s rare to find someone so skilled who’s also so down-to-earth and approachable.

Jen Durgard

Founder of MumSafe™

We have had Mish present for us a number of times inside of MumSafe™, she always delivers valuable content specific to our team in a professional and personable way. Mish goes out of her way to support us, and our mission and we are incredibly grateful to her for that.

“Mish can talk about

with one armed tied behind her back”

said someone.


Mish wright

Awards & Recognition

EXNZ educator award 2023
EXNZ educator award 2023

Expand Your Expertise

with affordable education

My range of online courses, both short and comprehensive, cater to fitness professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge.

With options offering CECs from AUSactive and engaging masterclasses for a quick, enjoyable dive into key topics, there’s something for every learning style and schedule.

All courses are infused with essential insights on women’s health, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

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Become a Fitness Professional

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Are looking to retrain as a fitness professional?

Here’s why you should choose Women’s Fitness Education:

  • Fully online Cert III + IV in fitness
  • Courses included: Menstrual Cycle Essentials, Pregnancy + Postnatal, Menopause
  • Monthly live webinar with industry experts in women’s health
  • Monthly blogs and podcasts
mish wright director of education

Mish Wright
Director of Education

Flex Your Skills in the e-Fitness Arena with our Online Personal Trainer Courses

womens fitness podcast

Women's Fitness Podcast

Tune into our podcast where Mish interviews health and wellness experts, alongside women sharing menopausal stories in Pericurious Interviews.

mish wright award winning educator book cover

Why Mish is a

Multi-Award Winning Educator

Are you Peri-Curious?

Menopause symptoms may start for you in your thirties – but many women don’t recognise them and delay getting the support that they need.

This Peri-Curious Symptom Checklist lists all the symptoms and how often you experience them. Perfect to take with you to your health professional to get a jump start on your support!

mish wright writer

I love writing

My superpower is having the ability to break down complex data, content, and research into easy-to-understand, relatable content with implementable steps.

Whether you’re a health professional looking to upskill or someone just wanting clear, reliable information, my articles are your go-to resource to demystify women’s health.

Do you need content for your website?

I write white paper articles and blogs for others that resonate.
Book a 15-minute obligation-free chat to discuss your needs.

Speaking / MC / Keynote / TV + Radio interviews

I’m your go-to expert on women’s health.

My broad knowledge is backed by solid evidence, adding credibility, substance and a splash of humour to any discussion.

          I’m available for:

  • Keynote address
  • MC
  • Speaking
  • TV / Radio interview
mish wright writer

Featured in

Writer for Cleo Australia
Women's Health Writer, The Age Newspaper
Featured Writer Practical Parenting Magazine
Herald Sun Newspaper Writer/Contributor
Prevention Magazine guest contributor
Pinky McKay Blog Contributor
Guest Writer The Courier Mail Newspaper, Brisbane
Featured on ABC Radio Melbourne
Featured in Body+Soul Online
Writer for Oh! Magazine
Inspiration Logo
Featured in The Australian Newspaper
WNiF Blog Contributor (What's New in Fitness)
Featured in MamaMia

mish wright writer

My love language is COOKING

At first glance, cooking might seem left-field when discussing women’s health. But here’s the connection: like my professional work, cooking is another form of my creative expression. It’s my love language, a way I engage with the world and connect with people. Whether I’m whipping up a meal or crafting a new course, the core is the same: a commitment to enriching lives.

Cooking isn’t just a hobby; it’s an extension of my passion for well-being, adding another layer to who I am as an expert in women’s health.